Modular Steel Buildings from Shift Modular

As traditional construction methods continue to deliver consistently late and over budget projects, there is no time like the present to embrace modern methods of construction like modular and prefabricated building systems.

Manufacturing in a controlled and consistent environment results in high quality products and delivers timely projects. Modular structures save both time and money.

SHIFT Modular Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes a wide range of prefabricated and modular buildings, commercial structures, residential homes, furniture and related equipment in the North American marketplace.

At a time when traditional building practices are becoming more expensive and obsolete, our modular build philosophy is leading the SHIFT from cumbersome to cutting edge.

SHIFT Modular Inc. is strategically poised to capitalize on the long term growth expected within the modular construction industry and benefit directly from its untapped potential.  We are leading the charge in bringing modern methods of construction to the mainstream and most importantly are introducing these competitive advantages to our customers and partners.

Modular building is a process that manufactures infrastructure offsite, under controlled plant conditions. Our process uses consistent materials, specialized labor and custom designs to meet building standards and codes, while our projects are delivered approximately 40% faster than traditional building  methods. This significant time savings is a huge competitive  advantage as time is money.

Buildings are produced in steel modules that when assembled on-site, reflect the identical design, intent and specifications of the most sophisticated and traditionally built facilities without compromising quality or structural integrity.  Each module arrives on-site completely finished, including plumbing, ventilation and electrical components already installed, ready for commissioning.

Structurally, modular buildings are generally stronger than conventional builds because each module is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto foundations. Once assembled, the modules become one integrated wall, floor, roof and ultimately a complete building.  SHIFT Modular Inc. looks forward to continuing to deliver modular solutions worldwide.


We are capable of handling large projects and builds with high volume.  Our production facility is designed for maximum efficiency and has a proven track record for delivering timely projects.  There is nothing we can’t handle.


SHIFT has a dedicated architecture team that is passionate about design and functionality.  It’s important that our projects perform at the highest level and it all begins with conceptualization.  Our builds aim to be at the forefront of architectural design as we constantly push ourselves to innovate.


Our engineering team is capable of making any project happen.  We are experienced in designing projects for a variety of sectors and specific requirements.  Much of our engineering strength comes from the diversity of our project portfolio.